Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s Spring, and of course our thoughts naturally turn to going outside and enjoying the beautiful weather (finally!) While you fling open the widows to Spring clean your house, or start cleaning the garden, garage or car, think about what else might need a “Spring Cleanup”.

1.) Have you changed your passwords lately?

2.) Do you regularly clear the browser history on your devices? It’s important to clear you cache on a regular basis, since your browser holds onto that information. A lot of stored information could potentially slow your phone or other devices, and possibly make it harder to log on or load websites. Remember, if you sync all your devices, then clearing your cache from your phone will also erase data on other devices, too.

3.) Don’t forget to clear out those cookies, too!  No, not the cookies from Valentines Day (although, those SHOULD go!) but the cookies on your phone.

4.) Don’t forget the inside of your devices, too! Get some cans of compressed air, then (this next part is important!) TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER, PRINTER, etc. and blow clean your desktop/laptop/printer, etc.  Don’t shake the compressed air can, and change cans frequently, depending on the amount of dust build-up in all your devices. Those cans get cold, FAST!

5.) Don’t forget to clean your screen.  There are wipes designed just for your screen. Pick up some when you get the compressed air.

6.) While you’re at it, (this next part is gross!) Wipe off your keyboards, and don’t forget your phone.  Studies have shown that computer keyboards and cellular phones carry a LOT of germs.  A LOT.  Trust us, just do this.

7.) Finally, give your desktop, chair and drawers a good going over with the disinfectant product of your choice.

Now, that didn’t take long, did it? Enjoy that beautiful Spring weather!